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Destiny's Child (36)

Mel Gibson (28)

Dwayne Johnson (28)

Susan Sarandon (24)

Tim Allen (28)

Jennifer Lopez (32)

Carnie Wilson (28)

Will Smith (24)

Charlie Sheen (24)

Jim Carrey (32)

Matt Damon (24)

Yasmine Bleeth (24)

Rob Lowe (40)

David Schwimmer (24)

Faith Hill (20)

John Travolta (16)

Naomi Campbell (16)

Kate Winslet (24)

Reese Witherspoon (24)

Sandra Bullock (16)

Dixie Chicks (20)

Best Of REVEALED (16)

Pierce Brosnan (16)

Halle Berry (24)

Katie Holmes (20)

Harrison Ford (24)

Dylan McDermott (20)

Jamie Lee Curtis (16)

Reba McEntyre (16)

Gwyneth Paltrow (16)

Mike Myers (20)

Dana Carvey (12)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (12)

Ewan MacGregor (16)

Hugh Grant (16)

Amy Brennerman (16)

Celine Dion(8)

Christina Applegate (24)

Alyssa Milano (16)

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